Beaches in Astypalea


Livadi is a seaside small village where you can see green trees! In the valley are surrounded by mandarin, pomegranates, lemon trees and vineyards.

Pera Gialos

Pera Gialos was the original port of Astropalia. There are still vessels that call this port, mainly from the islands nearby. This province offers many choices for a good lunch or dinner as well as for some light drinking. Have a night stroll through the tourist shops and choose one of the many paths to go up at Chora.


Kaminakia is one of the most famous beaches in the island and with good reason. The beach is very beautiful with sand and pebbles on the coast. The crystal clear water and harmonious atmosphere will make you love this beach.

Koutsomitis – Kounoupes

Visitors enjoy diving from the boat as approaching the shore of Koutsomitis and Kounoupes. You can relax on the pebbled beach of these islands that make up the ‘’exotic zone’’ of Astypalea. The water and environment differ from what you will encounter on the rest of the beaches on the island.
άλαιας. Τα νερά και το περιβάλλον διαφέρουν απ’αυτά που θα συναντήσετε στις υπόλοιπες παραλίες του νησιού.