Andromeda Resort

is built in Chora, opposite the Venetian castle. It is in the heart of Astypalea and it is:

  • 100 meters from the bus station
  • 200 meters from the Chora (main square) of the island
  • 400 meters form the Venetian Castle
  • 800 meters from the island’s museum
  • 1 km from Livadi
  • 8 km from Maltezana
  • 5 km from the port of Agios Andreas
  • 8 km from the airport

Welcome to Astypalea!

Astypalaia is the “bridge” that connects the Cyclades and the Dodecanese, combining elements from the two islands. It is full of beautiful beaches and picturesque villages inviting the visitor to a magical trip to the Aegean blue and the white of its houses.

Chora, capital and harbor, is built up on a rock that penetrates the sea, forming two bays. On one side is the harbor and on the other Livadi bay. Chora is for many the island’s most beautiful capital in the Aegean. At the top of Chora dominates the Venetian castle, built with the traditional local stone rust, surrounded by white houses. Inside the castle there are two whitewashed churches with stone ornamented bell towers, Panagia Evangelistria and Agios Georgios. The stunning windmills located on the top of the hillside in Chora have a cylindrical shape and belong to the category of dwarf miller, whose roof is rotated according to the direction of the wind.

The island is divided into Messa and Exo Island with a sandy lane that unites them. If this narrow lane did not exist, Astypalaia would be two adjacent separate islands. In Exos Island, a major tourist attraction is Linnai, to the south of the capital. In the area of ​​Livadi lies the eastern valley with the trees and the beautiful flowers. A colorful image that does not excel with the seaside landscape. To the south of the Middle Island, there is the Maltezana or Ascension. The Maltezana got its name from the Maltese pirates who had their naval island in 1827.